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For over 40 years Bishop Steve Walters has labored in the work of the Lord to draw souls to Christ and help believers maintain their relationship with Christ during these end times. Below are the current positions Bishop Walters holds in ministry.


Shelter Ministry

Alongside his wife Mother Sharon Walters, Bishop Walters serves in ministry at the local women and children's shelter monthly through their outreach initiative Empowerment Through Experience.

Through monthly empowerment teaching sessions, prayer, counseling and the donations of cheerful givers, Bishop and Mother Walters have been able to impact the lives of hundreds of women and children. Please join Bishop and Mother Walters in their pursuit of winning souls to Christ by donating to the ministry.

DONATE via Cashapp to $EFellowshipChurch


Bishop Walters is an accomplished author and publisher. Through the written word, God has blessed and expanded his ministry to several countries throughout the world.

Click the link below to make your purchase and to be edified of the Lord.

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A prolific and knowledgeable teacher, Bishop Walters has been called to teach and help awaken Israel to her true identity. Through his upcoming series Black History Beyond Slavery, Bishop Walters will walk through the scriptures revealing who the nation of Israel truly is, why it matters and what course of action Israel is to take during these end times.

Click the link below to access this series and so much more.

Prayer Requests

If you are standing at the point of need and you would like Bishop Walters to agree with you in prayer click the link below to send Bishop Walters your prayer request via email.

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